Tattooing & Body piercing, Body & bikini waxing, Laser hair removal, Microblading,

Body piercing, Laser tattoo removal, Permanent make up (PMU)

How to Use TKTX cream:

1.  Wash the tattoo receiving or laser treatment area with warm soapy water.
2.  Cover skin with a hot wet towel for 5 minutes, then dry area completely.
3.  Apply the 1st layer of TKTX numbing cream to the area and rub in thoroughly.
4.  After rubbing into the skin, apply a 2nd thick (2-3mm) layer of TKTX cream over the area.
5.  Cover the TKTX cream with plastic wrap and keep for 50-60 minutes. The hot towel over the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and will allow the components to be absorbed deeper into the skin

6. The numbing effect typically remains numb for 2-4 hrs, depending on skin type and location on body.


Store above 0℃ and below +30℃. For external use only, Avoid cream into eyes, Keep out of reach children. Cap opened tube tightly and store at the fridge when not in use.